5 Costly Mistakes with Mobile Apps

Mistakes with Mobile app
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Are you a publisher and interested in mobile apps? Well, a million of mobile apps are in Google Play Store as well as Apple App Store. Sometimes, publishes make serious mistakes with app, and they don’t realize it. These mistakes hamper their positive efforts as well as app’s success. For a better mobile app marketing you have to develop a perfect app, so that you can get wonderful ROI.

If you are not getting positive outcome from your mobile app after a lots of efforts, then make sure you are not making these common blunders:

  • Forcing Login with Other Social Media

Sign In With Social Media
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Mobile users feel bite to share their personal information, especially with apps. If your mobile app requires Sign-up or Sign-in, then you may turn tem by another way.

This is, if you ask them to sign-in with their social media accounts, and they know in one second you can access their private data including app activity as well as friend list.

It will be harmful to login with social media unless your mobile app has a great stand to your users.

Bottom Line: Ask for social media logins, but never force users.

  • Forgetting Older Device

Forgetting older version
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Launching a new mobile device is always exciting, your app feels, sleeker and faster. It is not compulsory that your all app users have upgraded their phone or tablet.

Developing an mobile apps for latest devices excluded older version; and your users either become frustrated with its working or uninstall it.

Bottom Line: Make sure your app is perfectly working at least 2 versions back.

  • Too Many Push Notifications

Annoying Push Notification
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If you granted to send push notifications, then it never means that you bombard with them to your users. It is supper annoying.

There is always a choice to turn off push notifications, but is easier to delete you mobile apps.

According to app’s experts, notification abuse is one of the main reason to delete your app.

Bottom Line: Never make annoyance with notification.

  • Making a Free App, That Isn’t Really Free

Making your mobile app free for users, may primarily boost up your downloads, but to keep locked basic features, annoyed your users.

Allow some impressive functionality, before asking them to make a purchase. By forceful push notification of purchase, user may simply delete your mobile app and never return back.

Bottom Line: Back of asks, make free content and let users come to you for more.

  • Ignoring Your Data

We all knows, app marketing is important, but pay attention to how effective your efforts are,

Use tools like

  • Sensor Tower – competitor analysis and ASO,
  • AppAnnie – app store stats and marketing analytics,
  • MobileDevHQ – data analysis and enterprise size solutions, and others

These tools are to track your mobile app performance and improve your marketing and make changes as needed.

Bottom Line: To improve your weakness, you must know them.


These mistakes are very costly to apps publishers. But bright side is, you can correct them. Firstly, visit your mobile app as users’ point of view and ask yourself to make changes and better improvements.

If you are not getting outcome with your mobile apps as per your efforts, you should correct these mistakes and other problems. You will get a huge boost in downloads, ranking and revenue.