YouTube Channel Optimization

Are you ready for YouTube? Your YouTube channel is not performing well; so are you worried? Don’t worry I am here to help!

YouTube is secondly highest ranking search engine in the world when comparing to Google. Now a day’s video traffic is growing day by day. So without wasting a single moment; start a YouTube channel optimization and obtaining more and more paybacks of a strong video promotion tactic, including be in touch with new valuable customers, get a better online presence and making your brand.

Here I am explaining everything that I have gained from my experience and would like to share it to YouTube Channel Optimization.

You tube Channel Optimization
Image Credit : TNW

Optimizing Your YouTube Home Page

Treat your YouTube channel as website. Think, what to expect from users when they visit our homepage? What points you want to highlight? Making notes on these questions will be helpful to setup following sections:

Channel Icon and Art: Your Introduction and Calling Card
YouTube allows you to set customized icon and Channel Art. Here’s an example from Vsauce of what both of those look like on the page:

Image Credit : Vsauce
Image Credit : Vsauce

You can also change/edit your customized channel art and icon.

Image Credit: TV Equals


An icon is a square shaped image that appears on top left corner of your channel. You can also see it below each and every of your video.

In YouTube’s own words

“Your channel icon visually represents your channel everywhere across Google and YouTube, so make sure it looks good large and small.”

Calling Card as think of your Icon: Select an image which represents you as best.

Channel Art:

Channel Art appears as header image of channel which appears on top of it. By using this you can provide a little bit additional information for the channel. If you have a fixed time schedule posting, then it is best of it.

Image Credit: Fine Brothers Entertainment

Channel Art has variant appearance on various devices. So it helps you connect with your audience at every place. YouTube has already defined its guidelines for Image Size and Channel Art Template.

Image Credit: TNW

For a perfect outcome, YouTube recommends to use single 2560 x 1440 px image. YouTube also provides a safe area in which Text and Logos are guaranteed appear perfectly (1546 x 423 px). Always design and provide your relevant information in that safe area.

You can get help with tools to design your header like PicMonkey and Canva. Both of these tools allows to use custom sizes. Photoshop is always a best option!!