We all are very much familiar with Google Analytics as a solid analyse tool for our business or website. It provides us perfect ideas to make our online business judgements actual. We must have knowledge about our visitors’ traffic and their activities. Unfortunately, some businessmen and marketers are aware with its basic features only.

Google Analytics offers more than traffic & Goal Completion records. It is the best tool to analyses your website behaviour .

A wide range of features are available in Google Analytics. By ignoring these functionalities your brand could be loose in terms of value as well as revenue.

Let us know hidden but meaningful features of Google Analytics to complete analyse for your website.

Custom Dashboard Creation

An amazing hidden feature about Google Analytics is to create a dashboard. You can dig it with different menus to find interested information about your website. You can completely access this feature by using Custom Dashboard.

Create Dashboard
This feature displays all of those metrics you care about. You can create multiple dashboards.

Find Out Worst Performing Pages

To find out most performing/popular pages on our website is worked as energy booster to our work. It is very supportive for our upcoming new pages ideas. But as we have to drop out our bad habits, like we have to find out worst performing page on our website. By this you can find out black holes in you working process.

To access this feature go to Behaviour and click exit page under site content menu.

Exit Pages Google AnalyticsThis process will show you most exit pages of your website.  Now you can find out your less engaged posts. For improvement you can re-design or re-write these pages, it depends on how important this page is.

Site Speed Monitoring

If you want attention to your site then it must be well performed. Instantly loading sites are more attentive then slow loading pages. You can find Site Speed menu under behaviour tab.

Site Speed Overview Google Analytics
The Site speed menu offers a list of your slowest and fastest loading pages with other loading time information. Google Analytics offers sub-menus for site speed as Page Timings, Speed Suggestions & User Timings to provide particular solutions to speed up your pages.

Study Behaviour Flow

As name specifies, in behaviour tab you can see visualization of your website. It looks confusing in first looks, but as you familiar with it , you will realize its value. You can get behaviour flow under behaviour tab.

Behavior Flow Google AnalyticsBehaviour flow shows most common behaviour pattern of your website. Most commonly it shows most popular landing pages, where the visitors go to next and keep moving until to leave website.
This process introduce you engaged pages of your website and which pages people goes away as well.

Start Using Intelligence Events Alerts

Daily activity on your website can be boring. Some time you notice unusual changes to your website traffic- such as a post goes viral or like by an influencer. Now you can analyse these activities without monitoring your analytics 24/7

Intelligence Events Overview Google AnalyticsYou can set these alerts by click custom alerts under Intelligence Events Overview.
From here you can set up automatic emails alerts when any specific event occurs such as a spike in traffic.

In-Page Analytics

Every time we make a perfect page but often we did not get traffic through right links or pages. It will be good if we can get where our website visitors are clicking.
In-Page analytics allows you to look at your website and see percentage above links that represents the number of clicks those links are getting on that pages. By using this you can spot out non-noticing links of page.

In Page Analytics Google Analytics
This feature is very easy to use. Simply click on Behaviour tab and go to In-Page analytics and the bottom of menu.

Bottom Line: Google analytics is a treasure for your website. If you are doing your business, than you must have a deeper look to your Google Analytics. By this you can get valuable business opportunities you have never seen before.