As we know 2016 has been started and times seems to be moving very quickly. To execute our imagination it must be fueled by some smart tricks. As per my Digital Marketing experience I know that if you want to be an icon, then you must be different from crowd.

If you wish for a better ROI then apply these digital marketing trends to add impact to your digital marketing efforts…

  • Data Driven Marketing
  • High Quality Content
  • Video Marketing
  • Personalization
  • Mobile Focus

Data Driven Marketingsocial-media-tools

In 2016, avoiding social media is a very costly mistake. You must monitor social media for trends and information. Even you can analyze your all social media actions. For all these, you must need a tool. Without a measurement tool you will continue to lose ground.

Social media function is to “Turn big data into Smart Information with happy consumers.”

Social media allows you to respond customer behavior in real time. It is a good platform to understand customers and their engagements deeply.

High Quality Content

High Quality ContentAs Google says, high quality content can be a best backbone for your brand visibility enhancement. Try to provide content for your readers. Your content can be in terms of blogs, videos or e-books. Sharing content in a great way to claim expertise in you field.

To enhance your visitors always create and refine your content. You can do it by Tweets, podcasts, white papers, e-books, info-graphics, post in linkedin groups and videos. All these represent you as leader in your field.

Video Marketing

Video MarketingAs per a survey, videos attracts twice rather than other media. Videos that are viewed on Facebook, Instagram, Imgur, YouTube, Vimeo and other social media tools, are specialized tools are much helpful in storytelling approach. This strategy is perfect for B2B and B2C. Video Marketing is trending by growing use of smartphones. It is one of the most powerful element in digital marketing trends.

You can also use it as LIVE streaming, like Events, Demos, Q&A sessions, and much more that is closer to your audience interest. With increase ratio of mobile video consumption, video content must be mobile optimized. Today’s generation prefer to attend a video in vertical format.


SupportTry to strike with your buyers personas and preferences are a key to successful targeting. In today’s life everyone has its comfort zone. Try to offer such deals which can suites everyone. Develop your sales tool to target specific buyers.

Mobile Focus

mobile-strategyAll of the above discussed elements should be an integral part of mobile marketing strategy. Don’t forget that without mobile focus there is no future of Digital Marketing. As per a survey, 80% of users have mobile phones, and 95% of them would not start their day without checking it. In the same way, Apps are an essential part to enhance mobile experience in digital marketing trends.