Hello guys, Now it is time for next session of email marketing. In previous section we have discussed about basics of email marketing orientation and deliverability. Now we will discuss about content of email marketing.

Before delivering into inbox a mail has crossed checklist of verification

  • Level 1
  • Level 2

At level 1 there is a cop which identifies the mail via SPF – Sender Policy Framework. It demands your identity proofs like who you are/what you say, are you fake or real and it also differentiate between human and non-human mails. It identifies it via header/IP/display names, pre-text and subject lines.

After crossing level 1, the hurdle is to cross level 2. It is compliance. It examine the behavior of mail. Like what content it has, Is there any complaint against sender or domain, Is domain blacklisted or not, user engagement and volume of mail.

Phishing Email

Phishing emails, websites or calls are designed to steal your confidential information like your bank account number, password, credit card number to steal money. When your receive this type of email do not click on any links or open attachments from emails which claim to be from your bank or any other personal and confidential info.

Email Service Provider

Email service providers are the companies that offers to send email in bulk or large volume of emails.

Circle of Control: The activities on which we have control over them.

  • Choose an email
  • Database content
  • Design of email
  • Choose ESP

Circle of Influence: The activities on which we don’t have control.

  • SPF
  • Compliance
  • Firewall
  • Inbox (A receiver keep or delete a mail)

There are 2 process of verification

  • Process 1
    • SPF
    • Compliance
  • Process 2
    • Content
    • Volume
    • Spam Complaint & Blacklisting
    • Engagement

Email MarketingContent Checking

It checks that what the email has. It verifies content of email which can be in form of links, text, image and codes.

  • There must be no spam words in text.
  • It checks where the safety of links where it leading to us.
  • Email size is very important. Avoid heavy mails. If you have large size of images or videos, then upload them in to google drive and send that link. It will reduces your mail size and loading time. No protocol can read what is inside the image. It can not read text on image. If mail size is less than 120KB then mail is safe. If mail size is higher than it has to cross a high process of virus checking.
  • If a mail contains codes technology no malicious codes does not exist in plain HTML. Plain text HTML is very light. Too much styling is not allowed in .css. At receiver end no one can read php.


It consist of how many emails are sent by sender. COP 2 exist for reputation. When any email is sent cop 2 checks for header info, logic of IP address, email id with domain, display name, subject line, pre-text and IP address.

New IP is known as cold IP. The campaign from which we sent free emails.

Old IP is sensed as Warm IP or Seasoned IP. It already passed from the stage of paid emails.

Spam Complaints

When a receiver gives negative feedback or marked as spam of a mail is called spam complaint. 0.1 % spam are allowed. 1 spam email per 1000 mails are fine. But if get spam complaint more than 0.1% then you can be blacklisted. Check your email blacklisting at Max Tool Box.

Severity: When any sender is get more than 0.1% mail complaints then it got blacklisted. When complaints are 0.2% then severity is low. As complaint goes high, severity goes higher. If severity is low then account will be blocked and released after 48 to 96 hours automatically. If severity is high then you have to pay fine to release your account.

User Engagement

User engagement leads to behavior of user or response of user to something. It can be good or bad.

Good User Engagement:

  • Open Email
  • Click on CTA
  • Add email to address book
  • Move email to inbox from spam
  • Reply to your mail

Bad User Engagement

  • Never open your email
  • Never respond to your mail
  • Never click on CTA
  • Move inbox to spam
  • Email deleted before reading

A mail is received by receiver after crossing all levels . All these process are very important.

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