Before this we dig deeper of emails and its working. Today we will focus on email skills. If you are trying to influence someone then email is a wonder way. But a simple is just like a text message. A vibrant email deliver your message in an effective manner and strike your subscribers. Most of the time user did not reply on professional emails. Either they did not read or delete. It gives a negative impact.

Most of us write informal emails to our friends and relatives and it gives us happiness. There can be some mistakes and no one minds it. But same is not acceptable when writing to colleagues and clients where we want to make our impression.

Email Skills

EmailWritingSkillsWe need to be more careful while wring professional emails. How can you ensures that your emails are up to standards. There are general email skills, I am sharing with you.


Banner is a logo or image that is placed on the top of your email. Its size should be 590PX wide. It looks really good in email context.

Creating a Banner

  • Find or create an image that compliment you and your business
  • Edit your image and crop, edit and add your text and logo. But keep it simple
  • Save your image in correct file size. A standard banner size is 590 pixels


Design is also called “Theme”. A theme is more important than it really is. A style and fine color combination plays a very important role. A style feels comfort to your readers. If your theme is not suitable then it can make a feel to your readers like a high heel shoe in a playground. Aim to keep everything uniform and easy to read with visible links and you won’t go wrong.

  • Use your website background color as your email background color
  • Pick colors from your subject lines, heading, text and links. Go same for font style
  • Always choose the color picker to have a exact color in the form of hexadecimal code. It is a 6 character code, made up of numbers and letters.

How to Create a Good Theme

  • Find Your Boldest Color: Always choose bright color in you mail. It could be Red, Dark Blue or Green. Eye catching color for titles and links makes your website and banner effective.
  • Keep it Readable: Always keep your inner background color behind your text white or very light. Dark text on light background is very easy to read.
  • Neutral Outer Background: Make your outer background with light gray or similar. It allows to focus on your content. Bright colors in your outer background draws the eyes away from matter.
  • Strong Dark Border: A dark border highlights the space you used in mail. It helps readers to focus on content.
  • Experiment with Heading Colors: You can choose more colors for headings and subheadings. Keep your headings darker than subheadings.
  • Keep it Common: A good practice to have a very dark shade of gray of your paragraph text. Our eyes are not used to read bright colors. Some experts say that off black color is most readable color. I suggest using color codes #222222 or #444444.


An image is speaks thousand of words. It can add colors and magic to your email. It is important not to overuse images. If your image doesn’t compliment your content then you’re doing it wrong! How to choose a right image? The best step is find image personally. Always take a step back and evaluate.

Size is most important factor. Size refers to two things

  • Visual Size
  • File Size

Visual Size:

Visual size refers to height and width of an image. More focus on width. Size does not have so much issue. Inboxes are often on the slim side so your images need to conform to their specifications. On average, you want to stay between 580 pixels wide and 650 pixels wide. If your size is too big then most of the browser either did not load it or view is slowly. If you have a small image, thenĀ  you will try to stretch it and looks ugly.

File Size

File size in KB or MB. You never want to send an image that is larger than 1 MB. Size can have an impact on the impression you. An ideal image size is under 150KB. Always keep your readers connection fast by using small images.

Whenever you are using your mobile captured images, always take care of visual size and file size as well.

Sending & Subject Lines

subject-lineYou have designed and proofread your email. Always proof read your text and clicked on every link in promotion leads you to correct landing page. Forget about the ideal time to send or which day gets the most opens. There is no such parameter for a perfect subject line but yes, by following some certain rules you can make it better.

Rules for Subject Line

  • Be Honest: Always be loyal to your readers. Never every include any thing in subject line that is not mentioned in your email
  • Be Descriptive:It can be typical to describe to the content of an email in 10 words, but try your best. Capture the most accurate words to define a subject line
  • Funny Helps: You can be funny in subject line. It drives to more opens
  • Keep it under 10 Words: Always try to finish your subject line under 10 words. It does mean that if it goes to 11-12 then you will be fined
  • Avoid All Caps: Sometimes, we write a subject line in caps on to get more attention. Never do this. It looks like spam
  • Avoid excessive punctuation: A comma or a period is fine but there is no need for 5 exclamation marks

From Who? From You!

I’m talking about the name that appears in your readers’ inbox. It really matters more than you think.

  • Don’t be a sender like So make sure the email is It is really good to send your emails to readers from you. Always try to use mails with name. Avoid such emails like news@ or newsletter@. I am not saying that these are bad emails. Such type of emails are nice, but looks like non-human.
  • Now what name you can used in your email. You can choose your name or designation with name as well. Like Charu <> or CEO – Digital Screaming <>. Both are good.

Subject line Redux

A good subject line leads to higher engagement. Open rate depends on multiple factors. The average rate ranges from 10% to 25%. Smaller the contact list, open rate will be higher.

  • Be Specific:The subject straight to point. By a subject line a reader knows what will be the content when they will open the email. Try to add call to action and sense of urgency
  • Split-second impressions: When we received any mail there is some previewed text in inbox. It is called pre-text. Try to make your preview words strong
  • Who are you?: The top subject line writers use either their company name, the product name or both. It gives you higher open rate
  • Utilize Google Trends for search: If you are ensure with best suited words to your subject lines then compare them with google trends. It it s a technical tool which helps you to understand what people are searching on google. It will give you a great insight in online search.
  • Be True to the purpose of subject line: The motive of a preview mail is to to capture the essence of mail content in handful words. In short to tell the reader what a mail contains inside.
  • Words with Friends: Ask your friends and colleagues about subject lines to make it better. Try A/B testing with subject lines and find which gives you better results.
  • Content is King: As we know subject line plays a important role to raise your open rate. it is the very first step of engagement. A great subject line can built on the base of strong content. If you want to drive higher open rates, write content that generates great subject lines.

Email Analytic:

Email analyticsOnce you sent your first email newsletter, then excitement begins. It is time to see results of your hard-work. Real insights can be gained in email’s service and send statistics. Statistics can be helpful or misleading. Email stats can be broken up into:

  • Views
  • Clicks
  • Unsubscribed


Views refers to the readers, who opened you mail. When a reader see your mail in inbox and clicks on it. When all images are loaded then it counted as open. If no image is loaded then there is no way to find that mail is viewed or not, unless a link is clicked. In some cases images are not untill sender is not added in address book. The average view rate for bulk sending is 10% – 25%. If your open rate is less than 10% then it is time to make some changes.


There are few readers who clicked on links included in your mail. CTR is lower than open rate. Place enough links smartly. If links will easy to click then people will. It is a good practice to keep your images clickable. Offer multiple active links in your content.


Sometimes people don’t want to receive your emails more, so they click on unsubscribe. It does not mean that they hate you. Only they did not want to receive mails more for now. Unsubscribe rate must not more than 1%.

Make your emails concise and to the point. Only send them to the people who really need to see them, and be clear about what you would like the recipient to do next. Remember that your emails reflection of your professional values and details.