Facebook LIVE Streaming Announce for Android Users

Facebook Live Streaming
Image Credit: FB Press Room

Very big news for Android users is announces by Mark Zuckerberg in a town hall Q&A Berlin that Facebook Live is coming for android users by next week. This rollout will be started with US users before other countries. This feature is already live for iOS. This feature will be built-in to mail Facebook app.

  • By this feature users can post Live video as status update; just tap “Live Video” icon.
  • You can choose audience for this Live feed as for friends, friends of friends, public or limited group.
  • When streaming you can see Live audience and incoming comments.
  • When you are done, video will be automatically saved, and you can delete it later or keep it forever.
  • You can also subscribe for Live videos as a viewer for your friends and celeb, when they post next time, you will receive a notification.

This live video icon was introduced back in August for celebrities and other public figures. Company has seen a huge demand for android since iOS rollout. Across all platforms, more than 50% users are from android for Facebook app. Facebook said that users prefer to view live videos. It is three times longer when video is no live. So more users can share live video, it means double the real time streaming. It’s time for more popcorn.