What are Facebook Campaign ObjectivesEvery business has its different audience. To reach with more people you must boost your post. Facebook allows us to run different campaigns. It is very important to choose a right Facebook campaign for your page. For this you have to know campaign types and their objectives. So today we’ll learn:

We can reach to people in 2 ways:

  • Organic Reach
  • Paid Reach

Organic Reach: Organic reach are achieved naturally. There is no investment to gain organic reach.

Paid Reach: That reach that you get by investing in Facebook advertisement is called paid reach.

Organic vs paid reachNow the question is how to identify organic and paid post on Facebook timeline. Boost post has a keyword Sponsored. When any content on Facebook contains that particular word, it means that content is for paid reach.

Organic reach does not need any budget. On other hand paid reach requires money.

Why Organic Reaches has Limited Impact?

There are lots of things happened on people’s news feed. We like new pages, make new friends and engage with different posts. So there is a competition between these content to come on news feed. It is not possible to appear every content on news feed.

So to make a stand in all these content we need paid advertisement. This pad advertisement allows us to appear on those people news feed who are relevant to our content. The people who are relevant to our business called Targeted audience.

How to Reach your Audience Effectively with Facebook Advertising?

Facebook has different types of campaigns. We choose the campaign on the bases of goal of our business we want to achieve.

Campaign Objectives

Primarily these Facebook campaign objective can be divided in to 3 parts:

  • Awareness – To create awareness about your business
  • Consideration – When your users want to know more about your brand
  • Conversion – When user takes a necessary action, that your want

Ads Manager User Interface

In this section we will learn, how to find Facebook advertising feature.

  • Firstly log in to Facebook
  • Click on drop down menu, in the top right corner
  • You will find two options
    • Create Ads
    • Manage Ads

Create Ad is to create a new Facebook campaign and Manage Ad is to maintain your existing or running ads.

Create a new ad

Here you can see the ad campaign objectives, we discussed before.

Facebook Campaign Objectives

To select a right campaign is very important. Choose campaign as per your business goal you want to achieve.

Facebook helps you to achieve different business goals:

Brand Awareness

The brand awareness objective will show your ads to the people identified in your target audience as most likely to pay attention to them.

Brand awareness is basically to let people know about your business. People think about your business when they need any service or product, what you sell. When people find that you are relevant to them and can fulfill their needs, they love to know more about you.

By using brand awareness feature you can show your ad to people who are more relevant to your business and can pay attention to your ad.

This is an excellent option if you are going to introduce your business to your audience and want to aware about your products and services.

You can also create brand awareness by Boosting Posts or Post Engagement. This feature is used to show your post to wider audience.

Post Engagment Feature

When you click on Consideration > Engagement option, there are 3 types of engagement in a Facebook campaigh. But for now our goal is post engagement. It is similar to boost post but filters are advance compare to boost post.

Another way of creating brand awareness is Video Views. As name suggests, to gain more views for the video we created and published.

Video is a very powerful form of content. The goal of brand awareness can be achieved by using this feature.

Lead Generation

Facebook ad objective also allows to generate leads for our business. It is basically to initiate interest of people in your products/services and get more enquirers from them. Always create a clear path for your audience. You can make it smooth for people to request more information or leave their contact details.

Lead Generation

When a user click on lead generation ad, a pop-up will open. It will be like an online form. There are some pre-filled options. It can be your name, contact details, query or other. You have to fill that information and submit. When you click on submit, that information will be submitted to that business. The brand will use that information to connect with you.

Increase Local Sales

This option is for physical/Brick-N-Motor stores, who want to raise their sale via Facebook ad. The objective of this feature is to encourage footfalls of people who are interested in your business. You can target them by time, location and more. For example, under 200 meters of  your store, in evening, on mobile devices.

Store Visit and Increase salesIf you want to increase footfalls in your store, then choose Store Visit option in your Facebook campaign. When people near by your stores, then they will view your ad on their mobile devices. Store visits basically raise the physical visit of people that improve the sale of that store.

Post Engagemet and Claim offer

Another way to increase walk-ins in your store is to Claim Your Offer. This offer can be a discount, which can redeem by store visit only. When people view that post, they will click on it, claim for that offer. This is type of post engagement. When you click on post engagement feature, you can view the claim offer option.

Next option to increase footfalls is Reach feature. The function of reach is to reach out to the maximum number of people and tell them the story about your business. It will give the information about your business like, your products/services, location, timings, and more.

Drive Online Sales

The objective of this option is to drive potential customers to your website. By bringing the relevant customer to right product made an easier path to purchase and choose your brand.

ConversionIf you are willing to raise your online sales, then choose Conversion Facebook campaign. When you choose conversion option, you have to plant Facebook Pixel.

Facebook Pixel is a code to track the conversion journey. It is like Google Analytic code.  This code must be places on a right place for a successful execution of Conversion. By using this code, you can know how many people are actually converted or take the action. On the based of these actions, Facebook optimized your next campaign.

If you want to increase traffic on your website, then choose Consideration > Traffic in your Facebook campaign objective.

The difference between Conversion and Traffic option is, Traffic is used to increase number of visitors on a web page. But the goal of conversion is to make a transaction or you can say, to make a purchase from your brand.

Promote Your App

The objective of app promotion is to increase number of downloads and installs of an app in mobile devices. To gain more installs always try to keep your users engaged and entertained.

App Installs

Facebook provides us App Installs objective to increase installs of an app. It shows the app installation ads on necessary devices. When a user clicks on this ad, s/he will install that app in that device. So in this way app installation objective is completed by Facebook Campaign.

Campaign, Ad Set & Ad Structure

In this section we will discuss about the hierarchy of whole Facebook campaign. There are three levels:

  • Campaign
  • Ad Set
  • Ad Structure

Facebook CampaignWhat is a Campaign?

Campaign is the objective. One campaign corresponds to one goal. Campaign allows us to focus on single business goal. Because each campaign focuses on one business goal, you can easily measure and optimize that particular goal. Among different business objective we choose the most suitable one for our business. You can have multiple campaigns.  A Facebook campaign can have more than one ad set and ads.

What is Ad Set?

Each ad set focus on different audience segment. So now the question is, why we need multiple ad sets? In one campaign we need to target multiple people or you may have different budget. To address that particular challenge we have Ad Set.

For example, in one campaign you can target different people like Men, Women and Kids. So each ad set has one targeted segment.

Ad Set allows you to control your budget, placement, and target. One ad set should be a unique audience segment. You can have multiple ad sets.  A ad set can have more than one ads.

What is an Ad?

This is third and last in hierarchy.  Ads allows you to showcase different creatives. Creative is a combination of text, image or links. You can have multiple ads in an ad set. Multiple ad allows us to test our campaign and observe the performance. By this we can optimize our campaign in minimum budget.

Conclusion: We need to boost our post to reach wider audience. Facebook campaign helps us to achieve our goal. Always choose your campaign objective very wisely. Facebook Campaign structure allows us to create different segments of audience, and ads.

This was the 3rd session to understand Facebook campaign and its structure. Share your views and opinion with us.