As we know Facebook is one of the best platforms to connect with the audience. But now your visitors/customers are smart. They don’t trust The video without verifying. It is very important to make a loyal connection with your brand listeners. Facebook helps us to make the loyal identity of your brand. You can create a brand page for your business and share your voice. So agenda of today session will be:

Why Facebook Page

How to do Facebook Page and Posts Best PracticeTo connect with people we need a platform where we people can spend time. It is all about attention where a business can create its awareness. In a digital journey, people spent most of the time on social media like Facebook and Instagram. People are very active on audience network as well. These audience networks are also connected with Facebook. It means via Facebook you can reach out to the relevant audience to your business. It makes Facebook very powerful to connect with more people.

  • Facebook – 1.65 Billion per month active users
  • Instagram – 500 Million per month active users
  • Audience Network – 1000s of people are active on other website or apps

More than 20% time spent on Facebook and additional 6% time spend on mobile. That makes Facebook very mobile active.

Facebook allows creating our online presence absolutely free. Because Facebook never charges to claim a profile or brand page.

How to create a Facebook Page

  1. Login to your Facebook profile
  2. On top right corner, click on the drop-down
  3. Click on create page
  4. Here you will find 6 option to define your Facebook page in a better way
  5. Select the correct one, and write your unique page name
  6. Add complete information about your business, it helps people to know more about you and your page

Features of Facebook page

  • Put your business logo as a profile image of your page
  • Cover photo allows you to express your page identity
  • It is a good practice to add a short description. It helps people to know more about your page.
  • Adding business info make your page more search friendly
  • If you have a website, then add it. It improves your website traffic
  • Opening hours and contact info allow visitors to connect with you at right time.
  • Services, products, direction, menu make your page more user-friendly
  • Put your best photos on your Facebook page. It shows a customer what you are going to offer them.
  • You can also add Facebook shop/services to showcase what you are selling
    • Shop –  Bring your products forefront of your page
    • Services – List your offerings at the top of your page

Example of a Facebook page:

Post Formats

Facebook allows creating different types of posts. These different post formats make your page more engaging. Typically we can create 3 types of posts:

  • Text post
  • Media post (Image/video post)
  • Link post

Text Posts: Text posts contains plain text. There is no other attachment like photo, video or link. A simple status update comes under text post.

Media Posts: If you are attaching any photo/video/GIF in your post then it comes under media post. Example of media post:

Link Posts: When you insert any external link that leads to another web page or redirects people out of the Facebook then it is called link post. When you click on that link you will go to the web page of that link.

Types of Media Formats

Facebook Post Formats

Video Format

The Video format is a powerful way to tell a story. It allows us to upload a video on a page. It appears in form of thumbnail with the play icon. You must have a previously recorded video to upload on a page.

Why use video format
  • Keep your audience engage
  • Share an effective brand story
  • Auto play with sound off feature
  • Choose your first appear thumbnail
Video Pro Tips
  • As videos are auto play with sound off, so try to create video without sound or add subtitles
  • Don’t publish any external link. Upload the video separately

Slide Show Format

It is a sequence of different images that put together. It automatically plays with the different transitions.

Why use Slide Show format
  • Keep the audience engage on slow internet connection
  • Easy and quick to make
  • Efficient to display products and notes

It allows uploading multiple images in card view. It is series of the detailed card image. Every card has an image in a sequence.

Why use Carousel Format
  • Opportunity to display multiple choices
  • Efficient way to tell a story
  • Showcase your long images or panorama

Canvas Format

Canvas is an experience of a button with full-screen images/video or combination of both. You can also enjoy device gesture like press or swipe. It is a mobile optimized format for phones and tablets.

Why use Canvas
  • Experience like mini-site, with tap, pan and swipe options without leaving Facebook
  • Make exciting post for mobile users

How to make your Page Engaging

  • Facebook page allows us to pin your post on top of the page. When any visitor comes to your page, then s/he will view that post firstly.
  • Use most exciting post formats to create customer engagement. Choose your post format very wisely.

On mobile, you can make ‘Live Videos’ from your page. These are live videos and research shows that people attract more for these live stories as compare to the recorded one.

A post format depends on various parameters. But it is definitely proven that a correct post format keeps your post more engaging. Like if you are an e-commerce then you can choose either slideshow or carousel format.

Preferred Audience

The audience you want to reach out via your content is called preferred audience. Before using this option you have to enable this.

Settings of your page > General > Audience optimisation for posts

Facebook Preferred Audience

If this box is unchecked, then mark check this. I have already marked it, so it is showing checked.

How to choose preferred audience

Once you checked preferred audience then you can choose or restrict your audience while creating a new post.

How to choose preferred audience

  • Use up to predefined tags to describe interest of your target audience
  • After choosing preferred audience your post is shown to people who match to your chosen interest. It helps to keep people more engaging
  • You can exclude the people or limit the visibility of your post to specific people or demographics in Audience Restriction

Page Insights

Facebook provides insights for each and every published page. Insights are basically analytics. These are the number which scores performance of a page. We need to read and understand them carefully to boost page performance.

Page insights help to optimize our page

Estimating reaches and number of impressions

In this section, we will discuss likes and reach.


A thumb up reaction by people over time and from where. When any one likes your post, then s/he click on thumb up icon.

It is a rough idea how the post content is performing over the time.

Insights > Likes

What is Facebook Likes

Total Page Likes are the total number of likes your page got from starting to till date.

Net likes shows your page likes and unlike. Blue part represents the positive likes (Paid + Organic) and Red portion indicates unlike.

Net likes gives an idea about performance of your page.


Reach is the number of unique impression served to your viewers. It means how many people saw your content.

Remember, reach is always talk about different people. It is not about same viewers. It is total number of people saw the content.

For example, if I saw an post 3 times and my friend saw it 4 times, then reach will be 2.

Insights > Reach

What is Reach

In this graph reaches are shown from 8th May to 18th August.

Paid Reach are the total number of reaches of your post achieved by a promotion. It appears in dark orange color.

Organic Reach included total number of viewers without any paid promotion. Organic reaches are displayed in lighter orange color as shown in graph.

Which Post Type are Most Effective

In this section we will discuss about post engagements (reactions, comments and shares)

Insights > Posts

Post Types

In above image we have shown 4 types of posts:

  • Video Posts
  • Link Posts
  • Status Post
  • Photo Posts

Every type of post with reach and engagement. Video posts gain most reach, clicks with likes, comments and shares.

Understanding the Audience

In this section we will know about the people who liked & reached out to your page and engaged with your posts with their demographic info like age, location and gender. It is all about to understand your audience.

Insights > People

Understanding the Audience

As you can see the number of your male and female fans are given. In this graph 12% of your total fans are Men and 88% of your fans are Men. The location of your fans is also given. In this graph there are 3 segments on the basis of location; Country, city and language. In country section you can see most of the fans are from India, In city section most of the fans location is Kolkata, In language section English(UK) is the most popular language.

Understanding the Audience Time

You can also find the most active day and time of your audience. In day section graph you can see Wednesday is the most active day of your audience. It means the highest number of audience is active on Wednesday.

In time section least active time is 2:00 AM and most active time is 7:00 PM.

Both of these graphs helps us to determine our post day and time.

Learning More About Your Audience

In this section we will discuss about action on page and local insights that our audience taken on page.

Actions on Page:

It shows how many people take the action and on which time. These action can be:

  • Get direction clicks
  • Phone number clicks
  • Website clicks
  • Call-to-action clicks

By looking at these action we can understand what the audience is most interested in. It also give us insights to add more information about our page.

Insights > Actions on Page

Actions on Page

In this graph we can see there is one direction click, one website click, one phone number click and one CTA button click.

What Content and Post Type are Working

This section is about reach, engagement and post boosting.

By observing your post engagement and reach you can find out the most connected post. It helps you to make a strategy about your future posts and actions.

Most engagged Post type and content

These highlighted posts most reach. These are festival post. So to make a high reach you should active on festivals.

Boosting Posts

Boosting allows a post to reach to wider audience. Every post has a option of ‘Boost Post’. It allows to reach more people.

Why Need Boosting Post

Why Boost Post

Organic reaches of a post are very less. When we share a post it reaches to a very limited audience. But boosting post allows to reach with more audience. While boosting a post; you can set filters, so that it reaches to a relevant audience. So boosting post increase the chances of your post view to the relevant audience. It increase the opportunity for your post  to engage with your customer.

How do You Boost Your Post

Under every post there is a option of Boost post.

Boost Post Button
Boost Button in Already Published Post
Boost Post Button for New Post
Boost Post Button for New Post

When you click on it,  you will get detailed option like targeting, budgeting and more for boosting your post.

Boost Post - Audience Targeting Option
Boost Post – Audience Targeting Option

In target audience option you can set your audience, who can view your post. You can set filters to reach your post to relevant audience. You can also create your new audience.

Next option is for budgeting and scheduling. In budgeting you will set the amount to spend to boost that post. It will show you the approximate estimated people reach for that post.

Boost Post - Budgeting Option

In schedule option you can set the time duration for your add running. It can be for 1 day, 7 days, 14 days or you can customize your time.  As your raise the time bar your budget will be increase. The minimum amount is 40 INR per day.

Boost Post - Scheduling Option

In next option, your Facebook account tracking Id and Facebook wallet reaming amount is displayed. Boost Post - Tracking and Payment

What happens after you Boost Post

  • When you boost a post, it needs to follow all the Facebook policies.
  • Facebook team will review your ad, before publishing your ad on your audience timeline. If you did not follow the policies, then your ad can be disapproved.
  • When your audience react to your post, then their friends will see this on the timeline. It will increase the brand awareness for your business.

You can monitor and optimize your boost post in insights tab > promotion side tab

Tips for Boost Post

  • Boost post is available in page manager app for android and iOS mobile.
  • Test different type of posts and monitor which post is connecting well with your audience.
  • Choose the post to boost which is performing good organically.

Other Page Features

This section is about ratings, reviews, call-to-action and more features.

Add Ratings and Reviews to build Credibility

Now users can review and rate your page. Review stands to write and opinion about that page and rating is to provide number of stars out of 5. Rating is also called star rating. It shows the quality of your business, services or brand. When a visitor comes to your page, then s/he looks at your reviews. Better reviews make a brand reputed. These reviews makes an impact on user to interact with you.

How to Activate Reviews

You have to activate reviews on your Facebook page, so that viewers can rate and review your page.

Reviews and ratings

  • Page Settings > Edit page
  • Turn on the Review tab under Home tab

How to Add Review Tab

Some time review tab is not shown in your tab list. But don’t worry; you can add review tab.

  • Add reviews and ratingsPage settings > edit page
  • Scroll down the page and click add a tab
  • There is a list of multiples tabs
  • Click on add tab you want to add
  • Click close

Now reviews and rating option is visible to your audience. When any visitor come to your page, then s/he can view what your audience is thinking about your business.

Visibility of reviews on facebook page

Better ratings always helps to stand in market. It also effects on your first time visitors mind.

Call-to-Action Button

Call to action is for immediate action. It appears just below the cover photo of your page. You can customize it and choose as per your requirement.You can define the action of your user.

How to Choose Correct Call to Action Button

The nature of call to action button is depends on what immediate action you want to take from your customers.

How to Choose Call to Action Button

  • Make a Booking – Marriage Hall, Movie Hall, Theater, Hotel, Restaurant
  • Contact You – To share your brand contact details
  • Learn More – Blogs
  • Shop – E-commerce website, Online business
  • Download App or Game – If you have a mobile app, gaming business
  • Join Community – To gather all relevant people at one place

This will allow your customer to reach your business without leaving Facebook.

Block Offensive Words

Facebook allows us to keep the page clean by blocking words. When you list those words, then comments or posts who have those words were automatically marked as spam.

Settings > General

Block Offensive Words

Instead of you manually search those words in posts and comments,  and report to Facebook they will automatically removed from the page.

Profanity Filter

This filter is also used to keep your page clean from spam words. Facebook has already blocked some words. When any user user those words in posts and comments, then that particular post or comment automatically marked as Spam.

Page Settings > General

Profanity Filter

You can  set the priority of Profanity Filter. You can keep it off, medium or strong. It works on the most commonly blocked words on Facebook.

Points to Remember

  • Create a correct brand page for your business and keep the information right and up to date.
  • Always choose best post type to  make maximum impact on your audience.
  • Don’t forget to monitor insights to analysis the performance of your posts

This is the 2nd session for Facebook page and post to understand it and get maximum ROI. Share your views and queries with us…