In 2015, very new and exciting technologies are familiar with us. Finger byte virtual reality and widening options for smart watches and other wearable are only starting. Almost all are rolled out in 2nd half   of 2015. Let’s know what was most thrilling for business and why?

  • Google Project Loon
  • Accelerated Mobile Project
  • Mobile Payments
  • LIVE Streaming
  • Virtual Reality Showrooms
  • Home Batteries
  • Amazon Dash
  • Twitter Content in Google

Google Project Loon

Almost 4.3 billion people who lived in rural area will soon access internet, a big thanks to Google’s Project Loon. These solar powered balloons provide high speed internet for 60 percent of world population for first time.

Google Loon Project

AMP Projects

Google is leading the charge in a new mobile framework for speed. It will offer to deliver content natively inside any app at faster speed for any publisher. Media companies like BBC, The Guardian, BuzzFeed, Time Magazine, The Wall Street Journal and several others are already on board. It is a big change for publishers as well as users. Definitely it will develop user experience.

Mobile Payments

It was introduced earlier than 2015, but support for mobile payments with Apple, Android and now for Microsoft making is easier and handier for consumers. By using the Apple watch, iPhone, Microsoft New smart watch solutions are really a big change. It’s a choice for consumers to make their card in pocket, or better yet.

Home Batteries

Tesla Home batteries, a wall battery that charges from solar panel. Let’s power your office in evening when you need a power backup. Electricity saving for a long time is a big problem. Tesla batteries are being used in California building to power offices; soon they will be installed all over United Sates.

Tesla Home Batteries

LIVE Streaming

An amazing rollout in world of connectivity is LIVE streaming. Ustream and Google hangouts are popular over five years but are not mobile specific. As per my experience LIVE Q&A sessions is a good option for better connectivity with clients using these platforms.

Virtual Reality Showrooms

Big thanks to Oculus Rift, Microsoft & Sony to release Virtual Reality as well as Nokia and GoPro for VR creation tool. By using this viewers can view products online as they are in showrooms, without cracking their comfort level at home. By using this web purchasing is increased by 25% by using this.


2016 will be a leading year for wearable. In 2015 employees got more comfortable zone with more mobile apps and cloud based platforms. In 2016 1.9 billion devices are contributing to internet of things, Apple Smart Watches and Google Glass will be comeback with better techniques. As per my deep analytics, these devices will be very supportive for business to make their procedure smarter which lead to a better workplace.

Amazon Dash

A world where machines can directly place order for your product based on your consumption trends, and advertiser offers you coupons not on your mobile or laptop, but on your machine directly. Amazon has started this for many devices.

Amazon Dash Button

Twitter Content in Google

With the recent deal with Twitter, Google has gained access to crawl the database of twitter’s real time content. Tweets and twitter profiles have opportunity to lead Google search. It will be very impactful for business to optimize with Hash tags, which are using as keywords. As we know G+ is losing its trends on SERP, so twitter has a chance to win.

Technologies are growing day by day, and we are getting more and more comforts in our lifestyle. The most amazing technology for me is Amazon Dash, it is not very good but concept is really very smart.

Share your view with me, which one you like most…. I am waiting for your opinion…