Now a day world is using many messaging apps like whats app, fb messenger and many other as per their comfort. Any one did feel need for any other communication app. But Google says that Yes!!! and it has a great believe on its new messaging app #Allo to compete against apple’s i Message, FB Messenger, Whats App, Line and many more. Google rolled out it day before yesterday. I am using it on my android phone. I found it really simple. Now I am sharing my experience with you.

What is Google Allo

It is a smart communication app  that helps you express more. You can communicate with better stickers, doodles, emojis and text as well. Google Allo offers “Assistance” feature, which makes it an icon. It is available free download for google play store and iOS as well.


How Google Allo Works

You can login your Allo account via your phone number. Allo identifies you via your phone no. You will receive text message like other messaging app for confirming that you are not bluffing with Google. Your registered Google ID will be automatically connected with Allo. You can disconnect it later.

As we know Allo is compatible for android and iPhone users. But it is not compatible with tablets and desktops. Even you can not access same account on multiple devices. Google assistance is smart tool which is available in English for now. But very soon you can have your comfortable conversation.

Features of Google Allo

Google Allo has many features which makes it an outstanding communication app. Let’s discuss about it.

  • Google Assistance
  • Smart Reply
  • Incognito Mode
  • Other Smartness

Google Assistance

It is an bot. You can chat with it. This Google Assistance leverages Google machine learning capabilities to answer your questions. Google Allo is an instant messaging app with search power named Google Assistance. It is a separate chat conversation where you can post some request directly. Like navigation for any destination, alarm, reminders, news, games, entertainment and trust me more unlimited options. You can set specific alerts. You can place an request via voice message.  Assistance uses Google’s vast database to answer your queries. If you are getting bored, then you can play games too.


Smart Reply

Smart Replies are generic pop ups responses above keyboards and text fields. You can say smart replies are auto generated responses of question or any message like “Are you busy?”, “Whats up?” and smart replies are “Not Now”, “Why” like this. If you are thinking that these replies are limited then you are on a wrong tract. You will get unlimited smart answers as per matter and previous responses.


Incognito Mode

Like every browser you an enable private mode in Allo Chat. When you select incognito mode then end to end encryption will be started. It means Google or any other third party are not accessing your conversation. You can set a time limit for incognito mode from 5 seconds to 7 days.

Open Allo > Start a new chat > Start Incognito Mode > Select your contact


Other Fun Stuff

  • A very good feature is blocking contacts.
  • You can choose lots of sticker packs
  • You can annotate an image before sending
  • Change text size
  • Available on both Android and iOS
  • Erase Conversation


Limitations of Allo

  • Does not integrate video calling
  • Many other features are not applicable like baked in GIF support
  • Control over read receipts

Why Consider Allo

Other competitors have many more wonderful features like cosmetic features, handwriting capabilities, collaborative tools, video calling and sharing document. But allo has its own features:

  • Cross Platform: iOS and android users can chat together with all same features
  • Incognito Mode: It enables end to end encryption for private layer. I really appreciate it. You can set a time duration for it
  • Google Assistance: Most wonderful feature is Assistance. It is a chatbot. You can request for a ride, food, weather, entertainment and more. It is a megabot that merge together everything. If you called assistance during a group chat then all your friends can use it together. It is a super helpful friend.
  • No Contact List: One main feature is there is no need to manage any special contact list. It will be synchronize with your main friends list. Who have google allo will be listed above.

Bottom Line: Google Allo is not a perfect app for communication. But Google Assistance bot set is in competition. If you are still in dilemma to use Allo, then used it for some days… You will get your answer.

Share Your Experiences is comment box… I am waiting for it….

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