Google Offline Voice Command
Image Credit: Shutterstock

Google is like a lifeline for most android users. It stores a lots of information right at our fingertip’s. Now features voice command allows to best use of our smartphone even without touching them. The only issue is that voice commands have not really been accessible once that internet connection drops.

Everyone cannot stay online at every time, but there is no need of internet connection for some commands. Google always tries to get best outcome of android app, even when offline. The search box is delighted with an interesting new feature. Google offline voice commands are now supported to do multiple things even when you activated airplane mode.

Google offline voice command is restricted to those actions who does not need an internet connection. It means you can work on; open applications, Volumes, Flashlight, Toggle Bluetooth and more.

Yes, of Course, you can test this. Just activate airplane mode and try to make search. You will get “something went wrong” message; but right below you can see “offline voice tips.” Test it to check what you can do and do not while missing a data connection.

Well, it is true that these facts are not 100% specific on all capabilities. Be sure that these commands need some additional interactions. Let us know how they work for you!