In every business or marketing, analytics is very important. To analyze, your online business Google Analytics is a sure shot solution to every problem. When a customer makes a transaction, then there is always a process, called Funnel. This process has different stages of customer interaction with our business.

  • When a user interacts with your business called Acquisition
  • Behavior occurs when a user engaged with your business
  • And finally, when s/he purchased something or make a transaction called Conversion

Google Analytics is a platform that collects data from a website or app and compiles it in a useful report.

How Google Analytics Collects Data

To setup Google Analytics create GA account.  Then you will get a small javascript code, and put this code on each and every page of your website or app. This code will collect the data whenever a user visits any page or make a transaction via your website or app. This code also collects data from the browser.

  • Language
  • Browser Type
  • Device
  • Operation System
  • Traffic Source – Organic, Social Media, Marketing Campaign or more.

Every time a page loading request is generated GA code collects and send updated data of user activity.

Google Analytics club all the activities in a duration of time called “Session.” A session start when a user requested to load a page and it ends after 30 minutes of inactivity. After ending a session, if the user turns on a page for that website, a new session will be started.

GA tracking code collects data from that particular website. It packages the information and sent it to GA to convert it in reports. When Google Analytics processed data, it organized the data as per instructions called “Filters” like user’s devices, browser, location or more.

How Analytics Collects DataYou can also customize this data processing like; including traffic from a specific geo-location or excluding visits from your office employees.

Remember that, once information sent and GA has processed it in form of reports then it goes constant, means it could not be changed.

How to Implement Google Analytics

Google Analytics account is set up in a hierarchical order. Each account can have multiple properties and one property can have multiple views. You can apply configuration settings at each level. You should be very careful while setting up GA account because once data is processed, it can not be changed.

Google Analytics is a way to organize how data is collected from all your website and restricted users to access this data.

Implement Google AnalyticEach Google account must have at least one property that can collect data with unique tracking ID that is javascript code.

Each GA account can have multiple properties so that you can collect data from different websites or devices. A single property can have multiple views. These views are used to display reports for data collected by GA.

View Settings

You can use filters in view to include or exclude information in reports. For example, you have a worldwide business. Now you can apply different views. Like your one view has all data and it will contain all the information. For next level, you can create views to include information from USA, Asia, Europe. You can also set views to exclude data from a specific location(Traffic from your office).

You can also set “Goals” at the view level. Goals are the simple way to find business objective or track a conversion from a website. For example, how many users play a video, no. of downloads, signup for the newsletter, track a transaction and much more.

There are some important terms about views:

  • A view started to display data after its creation. It never includes any past data.
  • You can only create 25 views
  • Only an administrator can delete a view. If you want to recover it, you can undo it under 30 days after deletion.

User Permission

In Google Analytics you can assign permission to every user at account, property or view level.

For example, if you are accessing an account and you have a permission at the view level, then you can not modify property or account with that view.

User Permission Google AnalyticsYou can set user permission at admin tab.Google Analytics lets you set user permissions for “managing users,” “edit,” “collaborate,” or “read and analyze.”

  • Managing Users: Add or remove user access to account/property or view
  • Edit: User can make changes to configuration settings
  • Collaborate: It allows users to share a certain measurement or dashboard
  • Read and Analyse: Users can view data, analyze reports, and create dashboards

You should be very thoughtful while setting GA account.  Because a wrong step can ruin your business and strategy.