Microsoft Surface Pro
Image Credit: Microsoft

Today in New York, Microsoft has announced The Surface Pro 4. The very first surface book by Microsoft, or you can say more than a laptop.

The device is the thinnest Surface yet, according to Microsoft.

Outer Surface: It is a surface laptop, enclosed in a magnesium body, instead of plastic or aluminum. Finally, there is a new Type Cover, which, praise the lord, will have a chiclet-style keyboard and a 40 percent larger trackpad.

Outer Surface Microsoft Surface Pro
Image Credit: Microsoft

Display: It is delighted by 12.3″ visual screen, and comfortable with pen as well as touch. According to Microsoft, the screen sports 267 PPI, and over 5 million pixels.

Microsoft Surface Pro Display
Image Credit: Microsoft

Keyboard: As Microsoft described, keyboard sports “best in class keys” & quite to type on, such a comfortable style.Trippy hinge makes you crazy –its turned out detachable keyboard.

Microsoft Surface Pro Keyboard
Image Credit: Microsoft

Performance: Moving on to more performance data, the Surface Pro 4 is 30 percent faster than its predecessor, according to its maker. It is configured with a terabyte of storage capacity and 16 gigabytes of RAM. It is not clear if those two figures are upgrades or standard specifications.

Battery: It has Intel Skylake chipset, 12 hours’ battery life, dedicated NVIDIA graphics chip. When the device is detached, integrated graphics are used as the GPU for chipset is in base.

Surface Book will be available on October 26, in United States and Canada with other countries.

Pre-orders will also start tomorrow in those countries too — I think I want one?