Microsoft Office 2016 is Officially Rolling Out on 22nd September

    Microsoft Office 2016

    New York – Today morning Microsoft announced officially to launch latest updated suit of Microsoft Office 2016 on 22nd September. Meanwhile, Office Customers with volume licensing agreements will be able to download the software on October 1st.

    MS Office

    A bunch of key features are releasing with this latest Microsoft Office version 2016. The highlighted ones are

    • Real Time Presence: Collaborative Co-editing feature which have been available for Office online users for a while. It basically allows multiple desktop users to work on same document at real time and view all updates at same time.
    • Simplified File Sharing: Process of syncing document is another sharp feature for desktop to cloud. It also simplify to edit the same document on multiple devices.
    • Insights for Office: This feature is currently in Word & Outlook. This power brings contextual information to you from the web right in to your experience. Try it by choosing keywords, Like attractions, places, people, in your content and gain most relevant information in to task pane in learning more.
    • Version History Improvements: It is really easier to find your different version of files stored on OneDrive or SharePoint for business. Just click history command in File menu to view or restore any previous version of your file.

    Microsoft says that there are many more minor improvements with this release as well updates to how Power Pivots work.

    It’s worth noting here that Microsoft Office for Mac has officially been available since July. Now windows users can also try MS Office 2016 preview.  It’s been available since May, and provides most of the functionality you’ll find in the final version.