Hi guys, hope you are enjoying your time with digital marketing space. Like everyone you also loved quick and smart ideas. So today I am sharing my experiences that will help you to develop in your digital marketing profession.

Every search engine always tried to display best results as per search query. For this many programmed calculations are developed to rank a site. A spider crawl a site and checked it by number of parameters which figure out is your site fruitful or garbage. These constraints are based on content, links, user experience and more…

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  • URL Structure
  • On Page
  • Content
  • Keywords
  • Back-links
  • Sitemap
  • Data Analysis
  • Stay Social
  • Fix Broken Links
  • Stay Tuned
  • Mobile Optimization

URL Structure

If you are using content management system then you have to create a smart URL, or dynamic URLs will be generated. Try to include keyword in you URL structure. I know Google doesn’t prefer keyword rich URLs and other search engines still do, but you are making your URL user query friendly. Remember; don’t make your URL like a long trail keyword. Make sure that URL should be about information on your page.

On Page

Never ever underestimate the power of on page elements in your digital marketing space. On page is implemented with many entities

  • Title Tags
  • Meta
  • Alt Tag
  • H Tags
  • Canonical Tag

Make sure that your on-page is rich with your targeted keywords, and compatible with specific web page. Make practice to duplicate your Meta and other tags on same or different pages. Your each and every web page must be qualified all on page key terms


ContentContent is the basis for all marketing or you can say a most essential view point in digital marketing. A good content for your site always permits to be viral with your new and returning visitors. Always create a content strategy for your website that will sanction a proper communication with your audience. But always remember the rules for this. Make your content efficient and put some keywords in your content to achieve right target.


Keywords are the search query or you can say the phrases that your target market is essentially looking for. If you are trying to viral your website with a single keyword, then you are on infinite journey. Try long tail keywords, as they are easier to get started and less in competition. To get your keywords you can help with tools like, Google Keyword Planner, Keyword.io and more on web.

After identifying most traffic derived keywords, you can make a plan where to consider them. Always include primary keywords in your content but be sure about density. Before some time Google positively ranked keyword heavy web pages, but now it can be a hammer to your success.

Make a keyword practice with titles tags, Image name and alt tags, <h> tags, page header and content.


Links are coming to your website called back-links. Creating quality back-links is not a quick tip, but you can practice for it.

  • Business Listing
  • Forums
  • Pin the Map
  • Guest Blogging
  • Press Release

To develop linking relationship is a good practice to drive traffic to your site. Before linking to other sites you can take judgement of tools as Moz, Semrush, Alexa and more.


SitemapA sitemap is a report that rundown all URLs of your site that will be crawled by spiders or you can say it is an outline that suggests web index exactly where everything is found. Sitemap structure always matters, so if you are familiar to create a perfect sitemap, then you can take help with a tool. Remember, if your site is multilingual, then you have to create a multilingual sitemap.

Data Analysis

Data AnalysisGuys, never ever forget to study your visitors. There are lots of tools which helps you to know your buyers. By study of analytics you can get more information about your sites as well as visitors. If we discuss about Google Analytics, then it shows traffic, sessions, keywords, your worst pages, site speed and more. Or you can say a complete study of your site.

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Stay Social

Your social networking profiles always matter to search engine as well as individuals who are searching for you on web. A perfect social media plan and its execution can help your website to get ranked in search engine. Certain social media sites are listed in search query results, which can help to drive traffic to your site.

Fix Broken Links

A link that doesn’t work and result an error page called broken link. When spider crawl you website and found 404, it hurts and negatively affect your visibility in search engine. You can fix all these broken links with help of specific programming and Google Analytics.

Stay Tuned

If you want to stay in digital marketing space then you have be refreshed yourself as well as your blog or website. Always update yourself with new strategy and technologies. I recommend you to don’t apply to many tactics at same time; it will be a risk to work against each other.

Always keep your blog refreshed. There is no need to go over but yes make small updates regularly. It enhances the possibility to return spider to your site. Always try to entertain your visitor with unique information and current affairs.

Mobile Optimization

mobile-strategyIf you are going to impress Google then don’t forget its mobile friendly update, which boosted ranking for websites that will be compatible on smart phones. Google does not prefer only responsive web design, it also approach websites that are mobile optimized when displaying search result query on a mobile. If your website is not mobile responsive then you have to face a major loss in mobile search results. Don’t forget mobile landing page optimization to have a better user engagement and conversion. It helps to score loyal users for your business.

Digital marketing is all about to enhance your user experience. But by following these quick and smart ideas you can develop your online presence for a long time and allow your business to grow. You can also find that on which marketing skills you need to focus on.

What are you thinking now, just implement them and share your views with me….