Search Engine Marketing is a search, display and video advertisement of Google Adwords. Now a days marketing are moving online. From buying a t-shirt to money transfer is executing online. When we have a product, we find out which is best for us. After choosing the product or service we always try to know the reviews through blogs, review sites, information, specification and more. It helps us to get a best product or service as per our need. This whole process is process of market.

Process of MarketingStimulus is a stage when we aware about a product. For e.g. we need a laptop; we search for different laptop brands, specification, prices and more to have a best laptop. As per different needs, brand and specification for a product can vary.

Shelf is when we decide to buy laptop. We can place an order via online or a physical store. This is called First Moment of Truth

Experience is when we use that service or product. This is Second Moment of Truth. This is the time when we actually know about the product.

ZMOT-Zero Moment of TurthZMOT is a stage when we find information about specific product. It is the experience of consumer. When a person use a product or service and write his/her views about that product, and second person view those reviews. ZMOT can be across different platforms like social media, text, blogs, audio-video platform, review sites or more.

What is Search Engine Marketing

Marketing is always to aware people about product or service. Brand used two types of marketing:

  • Traditional Advertising System
  • Search Marketing System

In traditional marketing system, brand or business finds their potential customers via newspaper ads, TV ads, pamphlet ads. In this customer may be not focusing when ad is going on. So it is not so much suitable.

Search Marketing System is one step in to sales cycle with intent based advertising. It happens via search engine. It is also called Search Engine Marketing. In search marketing system customers are looking for brands.When user search for any query there are lots ads related to that query on SERP. All ads are displayed via Google Adwords.

AdWords (Google AdWords) is an advertising service by Google for businesses wanting to display ads on Google and its advertising network.

Search Engine Marketing is a process of purchasing ads on search engine. It is a form of internet marketing that involves website promotion via Google Adwords service.

Search Engine Marketing  is also known as

  • Paid Search
  • Performance Marketing
  • Pay Per Click
  • Auction Based ad Buying

Paid Search Marketing means you advertise your brand in category of sponsored listing of search engine or a partner site on the basis of PPC (Pay Per Click) or CPM (Cost Per Impression).

Performance Base Marketing is a type of affiliate marketing in which advertisers pays only when a lead or sale is generated.

Pay Per Click is also known as PPC. It is form of internet marketing in which advertiser pays a fee when ad is clicked. PPC is an indirect way to buying visitors to your site. It is most important and well known term in Search Engine Marketing.

Why are Business Using Google AdWords?

The three key benefits for Google Adwords, which makes it an icon in search engine marketing

  • Reach
  • Relevance
  • ROI

It is very important to reach right people at right time.

Reach stands for how people come to websites? On daily basis 16% queries are new to Google. This is a daily base report.

  • Search Queries by People
  • Device – Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
  • Geography Location
  • Time – Different days of week, specific time of a day

Relevancy is all results are related to query. This is most important term. If your results are not related to your keyword then people did not come to your website. So your ad must be related to query.

Return on Investment is what we invest and how much we get from the investment.

  • The amount we invest on basis of daily budget, can be edit any time without any additional cost
  • Amount will be deducted only when our ad is clicked and user visit landing page
  • We can also find out our best elements

We can change our ad budget at any time.

Process of Showing Ads

  • Create and AdWords account
  • Write Ads
  • Bid on relevant keywords
  • Show your ad in either top 4 or bottom 3 in Google SERP
  • Get Clicks and converts them in to a sale

Where do Google Ads Show

In Search Engine Marketing Google Ads are shown on Google Networks:

  • Search Network
  • Display Network

Search Network is where ad shows next to search results when some one tries to find terms related to your keywords. Search Network contains text ads.

  • Google Search Engine Result Page
  • Search Partner Result Page

Display Network always view ads automatically. No need to search for ads. Business displays ads on huge network of sites across internet.

  • Google AdSense Network
  • Owned Properties of Google – Youtube, Gmail

Laptops, mobiles, tablets and desktops are used to show google ads.

The Google AdWords Auction

It is an advertising model of Google. It covers following terms:

  • The Auction Process
  • How to Appear in Top Spot
  • Quality Score

The Auction Process

Auction is a process that happens with each Google search to decide ad and order of that ad for a specific search on SERP. Whenever an AdWord is eligible to appear on SERP, it goes through the ad auction. The auction determines about an ad to appear or not and its position on SERP.

The Auction process is as follows:

  • Advertisers bid on important keywords that are relate to their brand
  • When someone searches, Adwords find all ads related to that term
  • Now Adwords ignore unsuitable ads like ads from different geographic location
  • Remaining ads appears on SERP
  • Position of ads is based on their AdRank

How to Appear in a Top Spot

In Search Engine Marketing auction process is repeated for every search on Google, each auction have different results. The most important thing to remember that, you can win a higher position with lower price bidding with highly relevant keywords and ads.

Ad Rank is a combination of your bid, ad quality, and the expected impact of extensions and other ad formats.

Ad rank= f(Max CPC, Quality Score)

This factor determines the top rank position ad. Advertisers with highest ad rank will be rewarded with top ad position.

What is Quality Score?

Quality Score is a quality of your ads, keywords, and landing pages. Ads with higher quality score lead to lower prices and better ad positions. Quality Score is an aggregated estimate of your overall performance in ad auctions.

Score of 1-10 (1 being poor, 10 great)

Google gives this rating measurement on the basis of

  • Strong Click Through Rate (CTR) across keywords (1-1.5%)
  • Relevancy is one the most important term. Your keywords are related to ads and ads must be related to landing page. The more relevant your ads and landing page to user, high quality score you get.
  • Landing page quality is very important. It should be ROTN (Relevance, Original, Transparent, Navigable and fast).

Remember, Max CPC is not necessarily what you pay for a click, actual CPC is. Actual CPC is calculate for every click so it is a logistical nightmare to shift through the data. Therefore average CPC is used for practical purpose (Average of all actual CPCs)

Adwords Account Hierarchy

It is a best practice to structure an account for success.

Adwords Account HierarchyAccount:

  • User Access: Admin, Standards, Reports
  • Notifications: Alerts, Release, Billing and Disapproval
  • Invoicing Information: Billing Details, Prepaid/Postpaid, Address
  • Preferences: Time Zone, Currency and Country (Can not Change)


  • Daily Budget
  • Bidding Style
  • Network Targeting
  • Location & Language Targeting
  • Bid adjustment based upon
    • Location/Language
    • Devices
    • Ad Rotation and Scheduling

Ad Group

  • Searches
    • Keywords/Match type
    • Ad copy
    • Extensions
  • Display
    • Targeting Option

Account Structure Examples

Following best practices to organize an account for success.

Example 1

Adwords Practical Example 1

Example 2,

Adwords Practical Example 2Adwords Account Bad ExampleAdwords Account Good Example

Adwords Account Best Practice

  • Never combine Networks in same campaign – Search and Display ads have their own separate campaign
  • Organize your search campaign and ad groups in to common themes
  • Create many tightly knit ad groups to ensure relevancy between keywords, ads and landing page. You will get higher quality score and lower cost

How to Create Adwords Account

To create an AdWord account we will need a gmail address and a website. If we don’t have any website then individual campaign can also run in Adwords Express. Visit

To begin signing up for AdWords, visit and click the Start now button.

  1. Enter the gmail address we want to use. If there is no gmail account, then firstly create a gmail account
  2. Enter the website address of business you want to advertise
  3. Click continue
  4. Sign-in to existing google account or create one

After signing in, you might see a recommendation to use AdWords Express instead of AdWords. If you prefer to stick with AdWords, just click Switch to AdWords

How to Create First Campaign

In this ad we will create our first ad campaign. Now we will write our first ad, decide budget and choose audienc.

  1. Decide the Budget
    This is Where you decide how much you want to spend per day on this campaign averagely. Start with a budget as per your comfort. Choose your currency carefully. It is non-editable.Decide the Budget
  2. Choose the Audience
    In this section, we will decide the geographic location and keywords. Choose correct geographic location where you want to show your ad, display network and right keywords to connect with customers. As per our recommendation choose 5-20 keywords. Keywords with 2-3 words are most effective.Choose the audience
  3. Set the Bid
    With AdWords, you set the highest price you’re willing to pay when a potential customer clicks your ad. This is called your maximum cost-per-click (CPC) bid. You have two bidding options while creating first campaign – Let AdWords manage your bids automatically and Use manual bidding to set your own maximum CPC bid amount.Set the Bid
  4. Write the Ad
    For your first campaign, you’ll create a text ad, the simplest version of the online ads AdWords offers. 5 points to remember while writing an Ad

    • Match your ad to your Keywords
    • Match your ad to your landing page
    • Use a Call-to-Action
    • Include specific prices and promotions
    • Capitalization the first letter of every wordWrite the Ad
  5. Set Up Billing and Start Advertising
    To complete the sign-up process and get your new ad in front of potential customers, you’ll need to submit valid billing information. The Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool in AdWords offers an easy way to preview your ad and identify the keywords that are triggering your ad to show.

Google Adwords Payment

Points to Remember,

  • Choose carefully time zone and currency. It is non-editable.
  • Enter a valid billing information. Adwords charge some amount to verify the billing information. You can choose debit/credit card or prepaid/postpaid.
  • If you don’t want to spend money or display ad any more, then pause your campaign.

Try to create your first campaign, and we are waiting for your views.