To make search results well, Google always efforts for improved their algorithms. Have you ever tried to make your SEO approaches compatible with these updated procedures?

If you are not doing this, then add some important elements in your marketing plan to make your ROI wild. As per a case study, Adults consumes 2 hour 50 minutes on mobile. The traditional SEO of just link building has been swapped with Healthy Conversation, Fresh Content, Keyword Phrases. Maximum part of these activities can be monitor on mobile today.

If you want better ROI with your content then make it niche relevant, fresh, easy and short. It performs better when it is listed in search result.

Here we will discuss some key components of SEO.

  • Focus on User Devices
  • An End to Backlinks
  • More Social Signals

Focus on User Devices

Mobile Optimized WebsitesTraditionally, we put key terms that are highly engaged with our industry. But this routine has been changed now. Firstly you have to check out that your landing pages are easily accessible to your users on mobile devices. If your visitors are not comfortable with your landing pages on their devices then it could criticize your ranking and subscribers.

Keyword trend is going down, as many websites did not use them in URL as well as content. But still we should continue our practice with them in a natural and organic way.

An End to Backlinks

Right backlinks form your websites is very important to search engine. With help of Google Link Disavowal Tool (Released in 2012, used to stop ‘bad links’) links can be removed, even website penalized. This means backlinks using trends is going down over last few years.

More Social Signals


Google says that it does not refer social media for better ranking factors. But as per my experience I found that G+ Posts, Tweets, and Facebook Posts had a positive effective for better visibility and organic traffic. Social signals are important element to attract brand audience as well as gaining new users.