Two things which dominate the internet of today are social media and online shopping, but did you know that these two things are now coming together as one under the term social commerce?

How Social Commerce is leading Digital MarketingThat’s right! Social commerce is a relatively new development which has become very popular with businesses in recent years. Thanks to social media, we can always share our latest shopping experiences with friends. But we can also comment on pictures brands post and even make purchases without leaving the comfort and familiarity of Facebook and Instagram – this is social commerce.

Most people nowadays have at least two social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat and use them for hours each day. They are used for many things, including:

  • Staying up-to-date with friends.
  • Communicating with your favorite brands.
  • Conducting business relations.
  • Calling loved ones.
  • Arranging social events.

We rely on social media for a lot. It is natural that the whole shopping experience is now being integrated with these popular social media platforms.

You can purchase directly on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. Social commerce has become a very powerful tool because it brings the buyer and seller together in one place.

Instead of going out and waiting in long lines, social media provides you with an alternative. You can shop from the comfort of your own home. Buy things instantly when you see them in your social media feed.

For online businesses now, it is imperative that they remain on-trend and in the game by utilizing social media. Incorporating them into online marketing strategies to offer services and products can be irresistible to the end users.

Social media is the place where people interact with their favorite brands. Consumers now expect their favorite brands to have a social media presence to help them get customer support, find the latest discount codes and actually buy new products.

In fact, younger generations now rarely watch television or listen to the radio. The focus of any modern brand should be marketing through social media and ensuring that you are social commerce friendly. By doing this, you target the market which is going to make your brand a success.

Take Nike, for example, which updates its social media pages daily with posts that entice people, drive traffic and turn over sales. With Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram presence, Nike takes full advantage of the role social commerce plays in the modern business market. The audience eats up its posts, which gathered hundreds of thousands of likes and interactions each.

11% of internet users have said that being able to buy a product directly from a brand or company’s page would positively influence a sale. Over a third of internet users say that they are following their favorite brands on social media.

It is a fact that consumers now turn to social media in order to research products, make decisions and ultimately purchase the product.

The last couple of years has seen websites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter experimenting with social commerce options. We are now seeing them actively making moves to convert people’s interests into real, tangible sales.

What is Social Commerce

Social commerce is a staggering, modern idea, and it is one which is truly beginning to shape the websites we all use and rely on daily.

For more interesting stats, facts and information about social commerce and the huge influence it has on us, have a look at our infographic below.

How Social Media is Leading Digital Marketing In short social commerce is one of the best powerful strategies for business and brand. So share your views with us about social commerce.