Every website needs traffic, either new or returning. We always focus to have a better ranking on search engine result page, but we never paid attention to collect email addresses. We communicate to our audience via social media, blogs, PR or more. But for individual connection Email is the best way. For this we must have a email list and subscribers.

Why Build Email List?

The most genuine reason to have a email list to maximize the value of your company. When we share information socially, we connect to many people at same time. But as we know email is way of individuals, so we must have a email list of right audience to have a better conversation. It is not to build a collection, it is to build your company value.

Email list can be build on behalf of Quality list and Quantity list. Both are very important for our campaign. Firstly we will discuss about quantity list. It has huge number of emails. It has more potential to generate leads. On other side Quality List is made of those who are actually interested in your products and services. It is a better idea to start slowly and build this list with time.

Why Build Email List

How to Build Email List?

There are lots of ways to get email address. But as we recommended to have quality list. So now we will discuss on ways to have email lists:

  1. Visitors to your site
  2. Revenue generated customers
  3. Social Media
  4. Search Engine
  5. Offline Locations
  6. Purchase List

Visitors to Your Site

The most wonderful way to get really interested visitors is to your own website. Yes, the visitors who sign up to your website are the most loyal audience. You must have a sign up form to get visitors email id.

Revenue Generated Customers

The visitors who have already used your products and services, always fill their email id in account info. You can collect from there as well. These are the valuable emails because they have already shown trust in you.

Social Media


Social media is going very popular for customer retention and brand awareness. You can get email ids from your social media accounts like linkedin, facebook and more.

Offline Location

You can put up a camp, and invite people to fill forms. You can give them a reason of discount. Feedback form is also a good idea.

Purchase or Rent

Some times many brand follow this. They purchase email database. But there is a high chance of spam mails. You can also get spam response, that can hurt your reputation and campaign.

Search Engine

Search engines are used to find most accurate results related to query. We can find emails from search engine for a specific field, location or brand.Emails with Search engine

  • site:linkedin.com “delhi” “marketing” “gmail.com”
  • site:linkedin.com “current * ibm” “banglore” “@gmail.com”
  • site:facebook.com “fashion” “banglore” “gmail.com”
  • site:plus.google.com inurl:about “banglore” “gmail.com”
  • site:linkedin.com “project manager” “banglore” “gmail.com”
  • site:twitter.com “tweets replies” “flipkart” “gmail.com”

It takes time and patience to grow your email list. Quality emails not only gives you a chance of get good revenue but also increase your company value. It is a long time investment. So have patience and Good Luck!!!