Are you looking for tips to improve your website performance on search engines? Want to know more about technical terms?

Search Engine Optimization is one of the ultimate digital marketing approaches for any #Brand or #Business for its online visibility. SEO is all about user experience. By enhancing your user engagement you can boost up your organic and natural traffic.Traffic Chart

Good performance in these aspects can boost up your SEO outcome, and to achieving this be ensure that on page SEO elements of your website are not missing.

Meta Tags

meta-tags-seoMeta Tags play very important role for a website or webpage to target your audience.

  • Meta Title

Meta Title is one of the most important factors that have most weighty influence on your on-page SEO. Title tag is clickable element in search query result that is used to magnet your audience towards your landing pages.

Title tag tells both search engines and search users how relevant your site is for a particular topic. Length for Title Tag is up to 55 characters. Google calculate the pixel width of the characters used in titles with a limit of 512 pixels.

  • Meta Description

Good Meta description attracts targeted visitors to click on your title tag. It is very important to boost up Click Through Rate (CTR)

Without an optimized Meta description search engine will simply pull random text from your content and it will not be successful to increase your visitors.

Schema Mark-Up Tags

advanced-schema-markup-better-seoSearch engine needs to match your content with context of search user, so they read your content and confirm if they match by relying on micro-data called schema mark-up.

It would be easier for search engine to find your content with a perfect schema integrated into your code.

Open Graph

Open GraphIt provides more share ability to your content and links. Also boost up engagements with targeted audience which make possible to higher CTR and conversions.

Facebook offers OGDT (Open Graph Debugger Tool) to make sure that right OG code is using in your content.


XML SitemapA sitemap is an index of your all website links. It moves search engine bot and user to a single page where all your webpages are listed. It can be done through static or dynamic html and xml sitemaps.

There are lots of plugins and extensions are available which helps you to generate a sitemap. You can submit your sitemap to search engine webmaster and schedule its re-indexing.

H Tags

Header-tag-hierarchyH tag is also known as Headline Tag. It helps search engine to describe about what about your web page is. If you have a large amount of content or any article then you can subdivided it into H Tag (<h1>, <h2>,….,<h6>).

There can be only one <h1> tag in a webpage. Embedded your primary keywords in to H tag strategically and get better ROI with your content.Header tags are much different from style header which concentrates on font and style format.

Website Speed

website speedQuick website loading is an important SEO factor. It affects user experience a lot. Faster speed websites are loved over slow ones.

Website speed enhancement factors

  • Compressed Images
  • Host Image Separately
  • Load Less External Objects
  • Unconditional Caching
  • Compress and Minimize Code.

Image Alt Tags

images-alt-and-title-tagsIf you are thinking that search engine bot can read or scan images then you are highly mistaken. It can’t see images like human. Search engine bot totally depends on proper alt tags for indexing and return relevant ones during image searches.

Check Theft Content

be-uniqueOne more important on page SEO element is to check duplicate content. If search engine find out copied content then lots of failures can be happen.

The reason is when any user puts a query and SE found duplicate content then it is crucial for search bot to find an original and better content. Duplicate content can be identified by google webmaster tools and other third party tools.


On Page SEO is an optimization process of a web page for search engine. Business owners and digital marketers need to grow and learn more SEO aspects for new age of Digital Marketing.