Usability Aspects for m-Commerce App

    m-commerce app
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    Mobile is a centralized point in today’s life of every one or you can say mobile technology is dominated world. Even to sell or buy a product or service we are addicted to our smartphones. So it’s really a good move. But if you are selling a product or services via launching an m-commerce app first time, then you must have to remember and take care about lots of things to engage your visitors.

    • Platform

      It is really annoying to mobile users while an app is not comfortable on their mobile device. Make sure that your m-commerce app is performing very well on various types of digital devices. You never want to learn it later that you have a device issue in your app.

    • Reward for Purchase and Sharing

      To engage visitors on your m-commerce app is more typical than web. To get more installs and download lubricate the visibility with Reward for Purchase and Sharing. Provide additional advantage for your active consumers.

    • Usability and Conversion

      Give the first priority to test usability and Conversion to use mobile A/B testing platforms such as Optimizely. A/B testing allows you to more variants of a specific app layout or design. The key is to stop guessing and start testing. Successful usability needs constant testing and optimization.

    • Smooth Navigation

      The prior issue while using an m-commerce app is cheap navigation. It means while users are using the app, the face issues for finding what they are searching and have to navigate so far to search query. If we discuss about usability then make sure that your products and/or services are extremely comfortable to get. It is also very important to find “Complete Transaction” or “Check Out” button on each and every page of deals so that user can have a good experience with your app by less clicking.

    • Appropriate Content

      You must curate that content which is very much impressive for your site/app visitors. This is one of the most important key to get successful usability of and m-commerce site or app.

    • Great Look

      Don’t have a overlooked aesthetics. Your app must have a mind blowing look and feel. While you are working on aesthetics then never ignore speed interaction, so that you can have a low bounce rate.

    • Complete Information

      If you are going to set less clicks or reducing content then for a good conversion then be surer not to hide content which is energetic to customers. Every customer/consumer need complete information to make a conversion. If you are avoiding basic information then you have to pay for this by a lower conversion rate.

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    • Auto-Filled Client Data

      Never-ever give a chance to your customers to input their personal data repeatedly weather it is via a mobile site or app. You can never assume how negative it is for your app. Make sure that they can store their shopping related information and automatically added to their deals without input them each time. One more point to remember is that an easy click is available to modify their info in user friendly environment.

    • Quick Movement

      Develop a simplified experience for your small screen as much as you can to get crowd to use it. Since there is no need to have a fast browsing on mobile sites as it is on laptop. It is important to reduce the clicks of customers while using app. The best option for this is “Scrolling”, use it with open heart. A mobile user is comfortable to scrolling down a page to consume info rather than to jump between many pages. Focus on a quick move experience from selection to check out.

    • Video Usability Test

      Usability test is not final step. Try out some videos to test so can actually get how people interact with your app. For this you can use It is an excellent service by which we can get outstanding. Even we had a good understanding of your app, watching many user interacts from different demographics helps us for countless modifications and improvements. Next concern is speed. Your mobile app must be faster or user would not have patience for it.