We are living in digital era. From communication to shopping every step follows digital media. That’s the reason digital marketing is going very vast. There are so many ways to communicate via digital media like email, social media, messaging apps and lots of others. But in corporate email is one of the best and reliable way to have a conversation. So today we will discuss about email in brief .

What is an email

what is emailEmail is originated from electronic mail. It is a loyal way to exchange messages via communication network. Email address is a unique account on email service provider. Like there are lots of banks around us. But every bank has its own terms and conditions. Every one can not have its account in every bank. Like this, there are lots of domains that offers to offered to create emails via email service provider. But some providers allows publicly like Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft and others. But some has its restrictions on which every user can not create a mail account.

Email is a digital message that contains text, image, video, audio or any other attachment that sent by a specific network  to an individual or group. The very first email was sent by Ray Tomlinson in 1971. In 1996 it was more popular than postcard. Now it is one of the most reliable way of communication. You must have email skills to have a professional communication. We’ll discuss them in upcoming tutorials.

E-mail address Breakdown


1st part before @ is a unique identity. It can be a person, group, company or any other specified name.

Next part is @. It is a divider in email address. It is compulsory in every email address.

The last part after @ is domain name to which the user belongs.

What is E-mail Marketing

A way to send a commercial messages by using of electronic mail to a potential or future audience by a company. An email communication that helps to build audience loyalty and trust in a product, company or brand is listing as email marketing. It is one of the best way to connect with your customers while promoting your business. In short email marketing is a way to reach to your audience directly via electronic mail.

Why Email Marketing

why email marketingEmail marketing allows to build a loyal personal relationship with your customers in an efficient budget. When your email subscribers raises, it is not just a database of emails; It shows that you are going popular. When a user subscribes to you, it means s/he is showing interest it your business and what you are sending. Now it is your turn to get a certificate of appreciation with valuable promotions, information and offers. Email is a direct way of communication that allows users to access it at their comfort zone.

Email marketing also helps you communicate more people in very less time. Confused?? Let me explain –  When you sent a mail to your customer or audience then you have a chance to build a relationship with each through their inbox. You can also schedule your mails when your are busy. The thumbs up rule in email marketing is that never mislead your audience. Always provide real info via emails.

Email Marketing is not:

  • Sending ads
  • Bombarding mailbox
  • Cold Calling
  • Bulk/Mass mailing

It is a type of permission marketing. Always us email to establish a conversation and built loyalty.

What is Spam Email

spam email

Spam is anything that is irrelevant to your audience. Spam email is a form of commercial promotion or advertisement. A spam email can be a mail,

  • You did not ask for it
  • sent in bulk
  • Sent from unknown sender

There can be some other reasons for a spam mail

  • Identity issue means sender is not trusted.
  • There can be any filter or preference, due to which email is delivered to spam folder.

What is Email Permission

As we all know permission is a grant to do any work. Same here, permission is the request to sent mails in our inbox. There are two types of permissions:

  • Explicit Permission
  • Implicit Permission

Explicit permission is that when audience provides their mail ids by own. Like via sign up form, subscription for newsletter, any customer support or by commenting or more.

Implicit permission is when we gather user’s info via different sources like social networking sites, or buy email database and started to sent them mails.

What is Bounce Email

When sender sends a mail and it got failed to delivered in mailbox. In short, when an email message has been returned to the sender because it could not deliver due to some reasons, then bounce occurs.

Bounce Rate: No. of bounces / Total no. of email sent

There are two types of bounce:

  • Hard Bounce Mail
  • Soft Bounce Mail

Hard Bounce Mail

In hard bounce email is permanently bounced back to sender due to invalid email address, domain does not exist, or recipient is unknown.

Soft Bounce Mail

Soft bounce mail is identified by recipient’s mail server, but it is returned back to sender because receiver’s mail box may be full, mail server is down, or mail can be too large. When 3 times email got bounced then sender get message of failure.

There are some other terms of email marketing:

Deliverability: It is defined as the mail is successfully delivered or not in recipient mail box.

Delivery Rate: No of mails delivered / No of mails sent

Black List: A list of sender whose email bounces a lot.

Spam Trap: An email address that is not used to send/receive mails any mail. It is used to catch spammers.

Know more about email marketing glossary 

Hope, you enjoyed this 1st tutorial of email marketing. Share your queries and suggestions…